Educational Development Network (EDN) launches its new schooling network named The Lahore Lycetuff.

EDN is a multifeatured verstile plateform which provides basic framework and support for our other projects and institutes. So we at TLL have a process in loop which is monitoring, supporting and syncronizing the integrity of modules..

TLL aspires to provide quality education through modern and well-designed curriculum, to contribute towards nations’ readiness to meet future challenges.

We enable our students reach and expand their potential to contribute and succeed in rapidly changing environment, thus making our nation a much better place for generations to come. We support our students in building their emotional, social and physical well-being to reach their personal best.

We hope to provide our students with safe and stimulating environments in which individual differences are celebrated and each child is given the space to learn at his or her own pace. TLL offers an education that encompasses academics, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities, sports & physical education and important life skills.

Our institution lays emphases on the character building of the students as an integral part of their training and development alongside making sure that talents of the all students are brought to the surface and they become gems of the society and play a vital role in this world by practicing what they have learned and utilizing their utmost potential.

Our Core Values

TLL stands on these core values which it never compromises.

  • Excellence

    Every child is capable of excellence if given the right tools and oppurtunities.

  • Trust

    The experience and heritage of the Beaconhouse Group enables us to be a trusted educator for the students and the community.

  • Dignity

    We strongly believe that every individual has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Tolerance

    We instill in our students tolerance that encourages compassion, empathy, and acceptance for those who share different values and beliefs.

  • Futuristic

    We are futuristic in our approach and enable a technology-rich environment to enhance the learning experience.