On-Site Creativity Training

We offer customized Creativity Workshops, as well as Training, Events and Keynotes for corporations and small businesses. We are known for getting participants to do creative work rather than sitting and listening to experts talk about it. Our On-Site creativity training programs come in many formats. They can run as short as 2 hours to as long as several days.

We have worked with companies, entrepreneurs, artistic and educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations and think tanks. Participants have grappled with challenges such as strategy development, product/service ideation, product design, team/leadership development, organizational effectiveness, time and change management, communications and learning.:

Creativity in Business

Creativity is required to succeed in work ranging from broad strategic thinking to troubleshooting tactical problems. We believe people are by nature creative and that in the right atmosphere and with the right creative training and tools everyone can tap into this inherent talent.

Defining and Expanding Creativity in your Business

Since 2005, the Creativity Workshop has helped companies and business people define and expand their creativity. Our creativity training is designed to both spark and sustain creativity as a principle way to learn, invent, and produce in the 21st century.

Our Training, Events and Workshops

Participants actively learn by doing – individually and collectively. The creativity training program teaches participants how to engage in the process of creativity, gain creative confidence, and develop ‘creativity literacy.’ The Workshop’s methods and tools are designed to be applied in real time and are easily retained and used in a sustainable creativity practice. Experiential workshop techniques foster curiosity, exploration, embracing different perspectives and then applying new thinking in real time. Participants have come from the C-suite to teams at the line level.

Creativity Workshop Themes

  • Creativity and Leadership: how to inspire your employees and yourself to innovate
  • Creativity and Empathy: a powerful way to develop empathy using creativity tools
  • Getting over Creative Blocks and Reaching your Company’s Creative Potential
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Creativity and Teamwork
  • Creativity is a Muscle: Use it or Lose it
  • Writing without Fear

All Over the World and for All Professions

We have offered creativity training programs for individuals from a wide range of professions such as management, marketing, advertising/PR, information technology, law, healthcare, education, architecture, finance, scientific research, various creative arts and many more. Workshops have been conducted all over the world with focus on team building and creative collaboration across cultural and organizational structures.

Custom Designed Creativity Workshops

We can custom design our workshops to fit specific business purposes and formats. The On-Site Workshop can be conducted in an independent format (stand-alone basis) or in an integrated format (as part of a broader business program, event or conference). Please contact us about customizing a creativity program for your organization.