Frequently Asked Questions

The Lahore Lycetuff (TLL) has been involved in the field of education since its establishment in 2005. Since its inception it has been contributing to the overall improvement of the national education system in Pakistan.

Over the years it has been flourishing by taking on new challenges and opportunities in fulfilling the overarching societal goals of imparting quality education through running high quality schools, building human capital and enabling teachers to realize their potential.

Yes.TLL is a project of Educational Development Network

Owning 30+ franchises of different top notch educational brands including Allied schools, Aspire Colleges, Superior Group & American Lycetuff, makes TLL one of the biggest Franchise organization of region.

This year we are opening seven Campuses, in Lahore. However, the number will increase in the upcoming years. By next year TLL Campuses will be opened in most cities of Pakistan.

LLS has an Oxford and SNC based curriculum.

You are requested to visit your nearby Campus to get your child registered, followed by an interview and admission test. Once your child is interviewed and clears the test, the challan form is issued. When the admission fee is deposited in the bank, your child’s seat is confirmed. Please note that the registration fee is not refundable and does not confirm the admission.


At The Lahore Lycetuff Schools, we have air-conditioned classrooms. Our schools are well equipped with the latest educational technology tools necessary for blended learning. Technology is embedded in the teaching and learning of all the subjects. Each Campus has a well-resourced library and playground.

Co and Extra-curricular activities provide students opportunities to polish their social, intellectual, communication, and interpersonal skills. Students at LLS are given exposure, not only to a range of academic and co-curricular activities but also, physical and extra-curricular activities such as Sports Day, Dignity Day, declamation contests, reading activities, spellathons, and Annual Plays, etc.

LLS believes in the Continuous Professional Development of its teachers. The Training Department at the Head Office provides ongoing training to all their staff so they excel in their profession.

At Lahore Lycetuff Schools, we care immensely about the wellbeing of our students and staff members. We follow all COVID -19 SOPs incorporating international best practices and the Government of Pakistan’s requirements.

The technologically enhanced infrastructure at LLS, including EDN app and technology savvy teachers as a result of rigorous teacher training has made it possible for LLS to easily adapt to online teaching if need be. Also, our Parents’portal would help bridge the gap between our schools and the parent body.

Yes. All campuses are equipped with generators.

TLL curriculum was already in alignment with the National Curriculum, 2006. SNC implementation does not have a major impact on the TLL Curriculum.

TLL is only using Urdu and Islamiat SNC Model textbooks by PCTB. We have trained teachers and have a robust programme for their continuous professional development. The lessons encompass academic videos, online games, homework portal and clicker based assessments. Furthermore, we have a strong technology infrastructure and we continue to use digital resources and experiential learning to enhance our students’ knowledge and skills.

The assessment framework is going to be the same as it was last year and has no impact due to the implementation of SNC. The only change in the assessment criteria is the addition of the new subject, Nazra.

The curriculum of Education Development Network has always placed the student firmly at the centre of all learning activities. Our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to become competent and confident learners. With the incorporation of SNC, our students’ will further strengthen their moral values.

Google classroom, our online learning platform, has a number of activities that give students practical exposure to learning. Our teachers plan and conduct interactive online lessons that include well guided hands-on activities/experiments. For younger learners, these activities require parental involvement. We have also developed an app by the name of EDN parent app which allows parents to monitor classwork, homework & daily activities.

Students will be supported throughout this transition of learning General Knowledge and Social Studies in Urdu. The teaching methodologies, classroom discussion, and the assessment criteria will help students cope with the change.

As per the Punjab Government’s directive, the mentioned subjects have to be taught in Urdu. To facilitate the struggling students, initially a bilingual model is employed where the terminology and jargon is taught using Urdu as well as English language.