Workshops that make Teaching more effective & exciting

Since inception of TLL, we have been helping teachers become more creative in the class and giving them simple, practical exercises and creativity training to develop creative thinking and innovation skills in their students.We offer Customized Creativity Workshops, Keynote Speeches, and professional development courses for teachers and Educational Institutions. We can tailor workshops and keynotes to suit your group’s specific needs and interests. Here are some examples of topics for our workshops and keynotes:

  • How to be a More Creative Teacher
  • Creativity and Leadership
  • Amateur: To Love What you Do
  • The Creative Process: How to Develop and Nurture it in Your Students
  • Creativity and Team Work
  • How to Inspire One Another as Faculty Members
  • Creativity between Teacher and Student
  • Creativity is a Muscle: Use it or Lose it
  • Write without Fear

The Creativity Workshop has helped thousands of educators and their students:

  • Develop creativity and innovation in mathematics, the arts, non-fiction and essay writing, languages, humanities and science.
  • Get over writers’ block and combat fears that stifle self expression and new ideas.
  • Employ the creative process to develop leadership and teamwork skills and peer respect in the classroom.
  • Engage and focus each person’s innate curiosity and imagination to foster a lifelong love of learning